HEINEKEN to be savored at home & at the bar — Drink delivery app & reward programe design

Gwenn Le Pechoux
3 min readNov 30, 2022


Native app


Drinkies HEINEKEN, Malaysia https://www.drinkies.my/

My role

  • User research
  • Analytics
  • Workshop
  • Design



Overview of the design process of Drinkies

User problem

Many users discover the HEINEKEN Drinkies app by word of mouth, hearing that beer & other alcohol products are much cheaper on the app than at the supermarket due to HEINEKEN’s aggressive promotional campaign during Chinese New Year. As soon as the prices go back to normal users lose interests as they are always on the look out for discounts. Another major complaint mentioned by the users was the lack of tracking of the delivery in the app which creates anxiety among users and create a negative experience when users are notified at the last minute that their delivery is delayed.

Business problem

One of the leading brewing companies of the globe, HEINEKEN also proves itself to be a true innovator by exploring different digital products in its markets. With revenue in the app market being estimated at US$ 237 billion in 2022 in Asian market, it is with no surprise that HEINEKEN wants to launch its own app. In Malaysia they have built a drink delivery app to make more online sales. They also ambitions to brings more value to their partners, bar & supermarkets into the app so that they can create a revenue source not only from in-app purchases but also advertising. HEINEKEN came to us with an already launched minimal viable product that they wanted optimized technically & design wise to reach its full potential.

Our solution

Our team aligned on the approach to make the app customer centric, by making navigation easier for the user and enable a live delivery tracking. Since discounts were great priority to the user’s eyes, HEINEKEN introduced a more sustainable promotional campaign called Star Bars where users could purchase beer bottles & beer buckets in-app and that they could redeem at partner bars. I led the design process and contributed to the research process for this project.

Since the re-design & implementation of Star Bars, user base grew from 800k in July 2021 to almost 2 million in July 2023 (with a year-over-year growth of 50%). Thanks to the new homepage redesign, the engagement rate increased by 9% going from 39.0% (In September 2022) to 47.7%(rate in March):

  • the super-app-like navigation tabs helped user discover that Drinkies offered not only deliveries but also vouchers to redeem at bars.
  • The search bar made navigation easier.
  • 1 seamless single checkout page was designed to push conversion.

With the app finally on track of improvement & optimisation, HEINEKEN is considering to replicate its success in neighboring markets such as Vietnam but also in South America.

Pain points & opportunities were identified & confirmed through user testing. It also help iterate on the designs of the homepage, checkout page & search bar & drink redemption flows.

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